WD Anywhere Backup version 4.00 download

The registered download page for the Passport Elite only has a link to WD Anywhere Backup version 4.50.

Unfortunately, version 4.50 does not work on systems with high DPI settings, whereas older versions do.

Is there a way to download version 4.00?

See the link below


That leads you to a link to buy or upgrade to 4.50 – the version that does not work with high DPI settings.

My recommendation to WDC is to not remove the links to the older versions of the software as long as the newer versions have blocker bugs. It’s not that we don’t want to upgrade – we can’t.   At least give us the option to downgrade again when the upgrade breaks the software!

I am trying to D/L the Win 7 version of WDBackup for my MyBook.  Can’t do it for some reason, takes me in a loop back to my registered WD device.

Am I to conclude that a WD owner must pay for the backup software, but the rest of the useless stuff is free?

Some software like WD Anywhere Backup do require a registered account before you can download the software. Probably the easiest way to get the software is to navigate to WD’s main site at wdc.com. Then under “Download” choose “Product Registration”. If you have an account, sign-in, if not you will need to create one. If your drive was registered then scroll down towards the bottom of the page and you should see the WD Anywhere Backup software available for download under your product name.