WD Anywhere Backup updates / UPGRADE OFFER

Recently, every time I start my computer a window  has started to pop up that states that updates are available for the WD Anywhere Backup software that was included with my 2T MyBook World Edition Network Storage drive. The window that pops up asks if I wish to install a new version of WD Anywhere Backup software.  The only options given are YES or REMIND ME LATER.   If I click YES  a browser opens that then links to a $29.95 UPGRADE OFFER at http://www.memeo.com/wdupgrade_web2.html It appears that the WD Anywhere Backup will not load until either YES or REMIND ME LATER is clicked. 

I had this same problem occur out of no where exactly 4 months ago.  At that time the only way I could stop these pop ups from occuring was to download and install the free version 4.50.6554.

However, since my WD Anywhere Backup version is current 4.50.6554 and working perfect I am not interested in purchasing the $29.95 UPGRADE at this time.

Can anyone PLEASE advise me how I can get these annoying and repetitive update / upgrad offers to stop continually popping up each and every time I start my computer? 

Thank you!

You should contact WD’s Technical Support about this and see what they say.

To Contact WD for Technical Support