WD Anywhere Backup states that the backup is complete when it is not

I have a MYBOOKWORLD white light edition and use WD Anywhere Backup.  I have a backup plan set up in which I want to backup my work and my email.  My work is made up of many folders of normal Microsoft Office file types under the main folder ‘Work’.  My email .pst files are within a folder named ‘Email’.  Both of these main folders are in a PGP secure container, which mounts on startup as drive X.  I have other backup plans backing up photos and music.

For a year all has been well.  However, recently the system failed to work and would not detect the drive on the network.  I thus erased the contents of the drive and reinstalled WD Anywhere Backup.

This appeared to work.  However, the back up plan for my work now states that it has completed backing up, but all it has backed up is the archive .pst (and not the outlook.pst).  Moreover, it has not backed up any of the other folders, and does not even compute their size when the relevant folders are re-selected for back up.  The other folders are not in use by any other program.  The back up plans for the music and the photos appear still to be working and are backing up.

I have tried leaving messages for WD support, but they have not replied.  Does anyone have any ideas?


If they do not reply by email, you may try contact support by phone at 1-800-275-4932

I was on hold for an hour with the UK number and gave up.