WD Anywhere Backup questions

I have a WD external HD (mybook edition) and am using WD Anywhere Backup.  I have a few questions related to them and apologize if they don’t make sense.  I also have data on the external that I copied and pasted to the drive and then deleted from the internal.  The external backs up certain data that I tell it to and for the most part, I use it for storage for important pics, etc.

  1. Do I always have to use the Anywhere Backup with this drive?  In other words, if I use 3rd party software, will I always be able to retrieve data already backed up on the external?  Also, if I switch to a 3rd party software and backup the drive (or just certain data), will it possibly be able to compare what is already on the drive and not just try to back it up again? I don’t want to lose data and I don’t need it on the drive twice (which I guess would be 4 times since it is RAID 1).

  2. When I copy and paste data to the drive, is it automatically backing it up on both parts of the external (RAID 1 mirror)?  I read on the WD site that I cannot recover data from the drive that wasn’t put there by the WD Anywhere backup if I had to.




Hi Mike,

I think I understand your questions.

No you do not need to use the WDAB software, you can use any software you wish to.  The WDAB is basically a copy and past software, you should be able to go into the Memeo or WD Anywhere Backup folder and drill down into it (exactly as a windows directory) and find your data that was backup.

To compare, you can use a Windows search and see if the files come up and the location of the files, unless you can find another program that may do a file compare.  If your drive is set up as a Mirror, the data is duplicated automatically.  If one drive failed, you will still have access to your data, until you get the failed drive replaced.  If the enclosure fails, you should be able to remove one of the drives and connect directly to your system and see and retrieve your data.

Im not quite sure of your second question.  you can use the drive anyway you want you don’t need to use the backup software for it to work.

Thanks James!!!  I think you pretty much covered both questions. 

Just curious, but what do people do when their external backup drive get filled up?  Obviously, you can buy another drive.  But if you are still adding files to the original folders on the main HD on the oc, won’t the backup softwre try to backup the same information that is already on the filled up external?

Sorry for the ridiculous questions, I’m just paranoid about losing years worth of pics and videos, etc.


Not a ridiculous question at all.

Typically I see that even if you want to store files separately on the external (no backup), If your external is 2 times the size of your internal, then you should be good to go.  If your external equals the internal, its easy to fill up.

If your external is getting full, you might want to consider a larger external to accommodate your current external and internal, then use your current external as a second backup location for those very important files.  Just always remember that it might not be feasible to backup to optical with the amounts of data that most people have, so you may have to keep multiple hard drives with data to have several backups. 

I understand about loosing data.  I lost all the pictures of my youngest son from birth to age 4 because I did not have a copy, so now I have 4 copies on separate drives.  No backup programs used, just copy and paste everything. 

That’s what I figured…multiple drives.  A few 1tb dirves is a lot cheaper thatn the larger drives out there. 

Sorry to hear about your loss of the pictures.  That’s my biggest fear, losing pics and video.

Thanks again!!!