WD Anywhere Backup Not Working?

Hi. Sorry for being a “newb” about this, but I’m experiencing problems with my 2 TB My Book while using WD Anywhere Backup.

I thought the backup had been working properly, but when I reviewed the logs, it appears to not have been backing up for over a year! (Guess I haven’t had need of a file for a while.) So, first question… When viewing WD Anywhere Backup screen, I’m seeing a red circle with an exclamation point on the drive.

Does that mean the My Book is having problems?

The WD Anywhere Backup software appears to be up to date (v2.5) I’m using OS 10.10.5.

I thought I’d check here before submitting a ticket. Thanks.


Make sure the drive is seen on the computer. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the backup software.