WD Anywhere Backup never completes on My Book NAS / Mac Sierra

I have a 1TB My Book World drive attached via my router to my home network. I use it as a network sharing device to transfer files around the LAN, and I use it for backup. I have been running WD Anywhere Backup on my Mac Book Pro and a Windows machine. But after upgrading my Mac OS to Sierra, the backups don’t work. I have 2 backup settings, one for my Documents folder and one for my Pictures folder. The Pictures folder has about 11,000 high-res images plus associated catalogs. The backup for the Pictures folder in endlessly in progress, and it seems to always say it’s working on the iChat Icons folder, which is dinky. It seems to just stall on that folder. It is estimating 9267 hours to finish, as if it’s moving one byte at a time. I’ve let it run overnight and it just never completes.

The Documents backup seems to mostly work, but at times it says “disconnected due to too many failed transfers.” I check the log and it says it has 3 bad files.

Is this setup going to work? Is it supposed to take 55.2 weeks to backup 11,000 files?

Help appreciated.


When you transfer files manually to one of the My Book World shares, do the files transfer successfully?

Files transferred manually work fine. I can move from/to the Mac disk to the My Book on demand.