WD Anywhere Backup is asking me to upgrade to a paid version


For the last couple of days WD Anywhere Backup keeps popping up and telling me there’s an update and would I like to install it.

Clicking OK just brings up a web page with a link to upgrade to the Premium version.

I’m quite happy to stay with the version that came with my MyBook World Edition.

Is there anyway I can stop this annoying upgrade message? It’s very intrusive and misleading.

Many thanks


Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Did you get an answer to this as I (and I guess a lot of other people) have the same problem.

Dear James,

Excuse me for writing on your thread. I cannot figure out where to post a message and you are asking about something I want to know about anyway.

I am getting the upgrade offer too.

a) I want to know if that is per computer or if it covers all my computers that I run WD backups on?


b) Does it work better than the old version? The old version stops sometimes. I have to create a new backup plan etc.

Seem to happen when I have to reset my five monitors. Every few months of so two of the monitors drop out and I have to force NVidia to recognise them.

Also the old version always has errors messages about paths. Stuff I used to have there and no longer have. It keeps giving me about 1000 such error messages every day. I find it impossible to find how to fix.

I am prepare to take a punt and buy the software if it covers all my computers. If it does not then I probably won’t bother. Have been thinking for a long time changing to other software to run on the WD drive I have been soooo disappointed in the current software.


Ken Doyle