"WD Anywhere Backup is already running" - solution

Elsewhere ( http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-World-Edition/WDMBWE-WD-Anytime-Backup-after-update/m-p/64962/highlight/true),,) roytom on 2010-10-11 opened the topic “WDMBWE - WD Anytime Backup after update”, to which I wish to reply (but somehow cannot).

Briefly, the situation is 1) you are running Windows 7 64-bits, 2) whenever you open a session you get the message:

“WD Anywhere Backup is still running”

followed by :

“WD Anywhere Backup is already running in another user session. Please quite the WD Anywhere Backup application in the other session if you want to launch it here.”

  1. Oddly, once these messages are dismissed, you have only one copy of WD Anywhere Backup running (and it is running smoothly).

The solution:

Apparently the installer set up both the 32- and 64-bits versions of WDAB.  The solution is to open RegEdit (as an administrator) and find the following key:


There you will find a “WD Anywhere Backup” entry of value “C:\Program Files (x86)\WD\WD Anywhere Backup\MemeoLauncher2.exe --silent”.  Delete it.

This will leave you with another entry at:


It is also named “WD Anywhere Backup”, and has the value “C:\Program Files\WD\WD Anywhere Backup\MemeoLauncher2.exe --silent”: this is the correct 64-bit launcher.

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