WD Anywhere Backup High CPU Usage Windows 7 32bit

Ever since I installed Windows 7 WD Anywhere backup seems to want to take anywhere between 40-80% of my CPU resources on my Lenovo X61 Tablet. I have deleted and re-created my profile twice and WD Anywhere Backup works fine for about 2-3 days and then the CPU usage starts to climb. Eventually I have to shut down WD Anywhere Backup to get any work done, which sort of defeats the purpose of having it installed.

I am running version 4.00.5484 of WD Anywhere Backup and Windows 7 Professional build 7600.

Any thought?

Try updating to the latest version to see if this helps - the current version is at least 4.50 - I’m not on my home machine so I can’t tell you for sure atm.

I know it was only recently made compatible with Windows 7, so Its very possible that your version is from before that date. Also did you upgrade to Windows 7, or install fresh? Odd behaviour like that is often the result of upgrading Operating Systems- Always better to do a fresh install.

A couple of answers:

  1. Windows 7 was a fresh install on a clean HDD

  2. Strange as I have tried the “Check for Updates” and received notices that it was the latest version, I will manyally check and see if that is the issue.