WD Anywhere Backup Help

Hey there,

I tried searching for this topic on the forum, but didn’t find anything, so my apologies if it has already been asked.

I have a server which creates daily backups which I want to keep, but only for a 5 day period after the backup has been created. Is there anyway that I could use this software to take those backups, put them on the WD share we’ve created, and then automatically delete ones older than 5 days? The backups created on the server follow a standardized naming convention such as AxisTVBinaryStorage_20110113, the latter part obviously being the date. 

If the Anywhere Backup software is unable to do something like this, does anyone know of some other method which can do this? Maybe a batch file perhaps?



Unfortunately, the WD Anywhere Backup cannot do this, it is capable of backing up your files, but it will not delete the old files.