WD Anywhere Backup forgot my backup set

After restarting my computer WD Anywhere Backup shows no backups listed and starts the backup Setup Wizard.  I’ve previous set up a backup, and it’s run many times.  The backup is on a WD network-attached drive.  The files are still there.

As far as I can tell, I still have configuration files in

C:\Users\david\AppData\Roaming\WD\WD Anywhere Backup

With the “Reactivate a Backup Plan” option, I can’t point it at the existing backup.  It either says, “The backup destination you selected does not appear to have an inactive backup lan locate there.” or a warning comes up saying, “Invalid folder name:  ‘Memeo’ is not allowed” (depending on what I select from the backup destination).

Win7 64-bit.  WD Anywhere Backup v. 4.50.6554.

How can I make WD Anywhere Backup remember its previous backup, please?




What location is the one the application is pointed at when looking to re-activate an old backup plan?


that is the IP address of the network hard drive, i can see it fine with windows explorer, and that is the correct folder.  there is a folder inside there called Memeo.


If I understand correctly, WD Anywhere Backup is unable to navigate beyond this “Backup” folder into the Memeo folder, correct? If this is the case, do you have a WD Anywhere Backup restore point file within this Memeo folder?

yes, WD Anywhere Backup does not seem to recognize that there is a backup set inside \\Backup or \\Backup\Memeo.  there does appear to be a valid backup set at \\Backup\Memeo\Backup1 (which is the name of the backup i told it to do originally).

what is a ‘restore point file’, please?

after some more searching, i found the “trailing backslash” problem – adding \ to the end of the path seems to make it work.

so, using \\Backup\ works while \\Backup does not.