WD Anywhere Backup can't find my backup plan

Newly installed on Xp - was working fine - backed up 80Gb of data. 

After re-booting the PC for the first time since installing, cannot find backup plan.  All the files seem to be on the network drive. 

What file is it looking for and where should it be stored?

did you figure this out? My software lost connection to the destination after updating to the new version. rebooting did not help.

I start to have the same problem since today (3-27-10).

I have 4 computers with a individual plan and i’m afraid about this kind of problem.

An official reply about how to fix thw problem is very important for all users and costumers.

I’ll be waiting, soon.


Luis (Brasil)

I had (have) the same problem on my Windows 7 system.

No answer from WD.  Memeo has not contacted me (WD said they would forward the issue.

I had to delete all the files, uninstall the software, reboot, re-install, and then make a new backup!

My problem always seems to have started after a request from WD Anywhere Backup to restart the background process.

No answer that helps from WD yet.

I have the same problem after upgrading XP to W7.  I cannot restore my saved backup from a NAS drive. Where is the backup plan originally located and what is the extension or file name?