WD Antivirus Essential

Has anyone been using WD Antivirus Essential? Does it slow the device down? How good it is in defending against malware. Does it do real-time scan? Can anyone snapshot WD Antivirus Essential interface and post here? I’m comparing NAS right now. Thanks

I set it to run during “dead time” at 3am so there is noting to slow down. It reports no viruses are there, so we have to assume it works.

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So it does not do real-time scan?

Of course, and that’s what I did the first few times to get an idea how long it took and what it reported afterward, My NAS has about a gig of data on it so far, and it took an hour or less. Now, I have configured it to auto run weekly on a week night at 3am. I will likely go to monthly after it does it a couple of weeks. Since it took about an hour, I set shut off for two hours later. Won’t run out of time that way.

Do u mind telling your what your product is and how many GB of files do you have? I’m just curious to know how long it takes. Thanks!

I have a My Cloud DL2100 NAS (w/two, 4TB drives ) that has 4TB of available space set up as RAID 1. I told you above I have about a gig of data on it, actually I was wrong; I meant 1 TB, I have about a TB of data on it, and device tells me I have 3.14 TB available now.

And, the virus scan app ran for less than an hour to scan it all.

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So the Antivirus is not too slow. I have a bad experience of slow scanner of Mcafee Antivirus, which takes a day or two to scan my PC that has 1.5TB files. Thanks!

I prefer Norton Security over McAfee. Wife uses (slow) McAfee, and I continue to give her grief for using it. I like programs chosen Editor’s Choice by PC magazine for many years.

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I used to have Norton as well, I think Norton, Bitdefender and Trend Micro are all good. But anyway, I now know that ClamAV is not so slow in scanning.