WD Align - partitions unselectable on WD20EARS

I have a WD20EARS with a single GPT partition. I ran WD Align to check that it was correctly 4k aligned but whilst the drive is recognised as “A Western Digital Advanced Format Disk”, the “MBR and Track 0” and “GUID Partition Table” partitions aren’t marked as optimally aligned or non-optimally aligned. They’re just normal disk icons and they’re greyed out.

Screenshot here:

WD Align - Powered by Acronis.png

Why is this?

Same here, i have 3 x WD20EARS

2 disk with 1 GPT

1 disk with 2 GPT

i have run both tools offered by WD but no result.

With acronis i get the same as the screenshot made by DragonQ.

And the Paragon tool (64bit version) says it doesnt support a Server OS.

Im running XP64 (fully updated)

the latest Intel Rapidstore (which reports my disks have 512bytes fysical and logical sectors) 

Driver mode: AHCI

Hardware: Asus P5Q-Deluxe (Intel P45/ICH10R) 

Thankyou in advance :wink: