Wd align does not detect drive (win XP)

Hi Folks,

I have just purchased the WD20EARS drive, put it in my computer, the os is on a Seagate drive, I have created two partitions and formatted the drive with disk manger, however when I run the WD Align GUI (arconis) it only detects the Seagate drive with the os on it, but not my WD drive, which is strange, i can see the partitions in the explorer but I just can’t see them in WD Align

I am using win XP professional with sp3.

can any one please help

any one?

Try downloading the Windows DLG Diagnostics tool, and see if you can detect them and write zeros to them.  Then maybe you’ll be able to use WD Align to align and format them.

Im having the exact same problem.  Bought a WD20EARS, installed and formatted it with the Windows XP disk manager.  Windows recognizes the drive and everything seems fine, but when I go to use the WD align software it does not detect the new drive, just my main and 2nd drives (the WD20EARS is my third drive)

Im very frustrated and want to start using my new drive.  Hitting the refresh icon does nothing.  I have restarted the computer and no good. Uninstalled WD Align and reinstalled, still doesnt recognize the drive. 

I tried using this DDL Diag tool (which I couldnt find on this site and had to download from Softpedia…)  and I evidently cannot use it because I dont have a floppy drive… Who has floppy drives anymore?  I just want my drive to work…

Please help.

Ok this was the issue, hopefully this will help anyone else with the same problem:

The WD Align software does not seem to recognize Dynamic disks.  I re-formatted my new drive as a basic disk and it showed up right away in the software.  Thing is, XP Pro will automatically format these drives as Dynamic, not Basic.  Just change it and you’re all set, assuming a basic disk can do what you bought the drive for.  Worked for me.