WD Acronis Aligin Topol fails to install

I have 2 copies of this software and both fail to install 1, under normal XP Pro and 1,under SAFE MODE.

The version is AcronisAliginTool_s_e_314.exe

In Windows it installs right up to the icon on to the desktop and then it uninstalls itself with the message

“The installation was interupted before it could be installed, restart and try again”.

Under SAFE MODE I get the message “Acronis installation programe encounted error #1625

This indicates that I do not have rights to install, this is incorrect but to ensure I double checked under Administrative Tools and Local security policy.

I am an ex ITController (retired) so this has got me puzzled and ideas.

Do you have a link for this? Did you try the Acronis forum or is this a WD version of an Acronis product?

I’ve been exploring on the subject and this and found this for a bootable CD  http://support.wdc.com/product/downloadsw.asp?sid=122 .