WD Access Won't Install

I just got a new laptop and am trying to install WD Access on it. It installed and worked perfectly fine on the previous laptop, but on this one, it won’t install. I download the WD Access zip file, unzip it, and go through the installation. It seems to go through the installation process fine, but the WD Access program is nowhere to be found. It’s not in the program list, task manager, nowhere.

Has anyone had this issue before and is there a fix to this?

@asinghal31 Have you looked at the following?

I should add that I’m on Windows 10.

Was this ever resolved? I am having exactly the same problem on a new Windows 10 machine (previous machine was also Windows 10). It goes through the installation process (as per the “How to install WD Access” page) but at the last screen instead of two buttons for “upload files” and “do this later,” it only shows “do this later.” When I click on that it closes but WD Access is nowhere to be found - not in the task bar, start menu apps, or apps in Windows settings.

I’m having the same problem when installing in Windows 10. The last screen has just the “do this later” button. When checking in the windows software folder, there is no WD Access installed… I’ve gone through lots of threads here on WD Community, but cant seem to find a solution.

same here, laptop hp, win 10, will not show this 2nd button, and would not installed

on my pc it works, not on laptop :frowning:

Me pasa igual que a los demás usuarios. Parece instalarse correctamente, pero al final no hay nada instalado.
Hace poco me paso con otro ordenador y la única forma que encontré fue cambiando la versión del sistema operativo (w10 pro a w10 home)

I also have exactly the same problem: WD Access (V1.4.5949.29996) worked perfectly on old PC. Now have a new one, downloaded latest version (1.5.6698), it goes through the installation process but one of the buttons is missing on the final dialog.

It then doesn’t come up anywhere as an available app, in the notifications area, etc.

I have tried downloading and installing it several times each with exactly the same result.

WD Sync & WD Quick View installed fine and work as expected.

This seems to be a very common problem. Hello WD is there a fix or response? It has been 9 months since it was first reported.

It is absolutely ridiculous that nobody from WD has been able to solve this issue. I continue to have this issue on most of my laptops. Would be nice if people would at least try to provide customer service.

Totally agree.
I am still waiting as well… the WD Access software needs to be checked by the developers.