WD Access lost the connection to your WD Cloud Storage Drive

I just bought my WD My Cloud yesterday. Everytime I try to upload my folder into WD Access this error keep pop out even though I click okay.

I am using Mac and the internet is speed is 8mbps.

I have try everything but the error still show up. Even when I use browser to upload the folder, it just lost its connection itself.

Is there any solution? Please help. Thank you!

If you have bought a MyCloud, and not a MyCloud Home, you don’t need to use any WD software to access the MyCloud locally.

Map the device shares into your file system, and use Finder to transfer files.

If you are in your home, and Mac and MyCloud are in your home, internet speed is irrelevant; all access should be through your local network. Your MyCloud should be connected to your router. Your Mac should be connected to your router.

If you’re a new user, download and read the user manual.

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Did you ever get a legitimate response to this? I have the same issue and have been looking for a solution for over a week. I have read the amanual and see nothing that addresses it.