WD Access dosnt show my NAS


i use a EX2 on Win10 and had never any problems untli i installed newest Firmware for my EX2 and the newest software from WD (WD Access).

In the past i could always right click the little WD icon in the system tray and start my NAS from here. Now if i do the same it only shows me two options: Close the program or Info on WD Access. The point “Start NAS drive” is not available.

I can start my Nas by sending a magic pack after that the WD Access sotware shows my NAS and i can use everthing fine. If i shut it down from here i cant restart it again… im missing the dialoge “Start NAS drive”.

Any help?
I dont want to use a magic pack everytime to start the nas…

BTW it is not hibernating it was shutdown! (as i need to access it once a month)

thanks in advance (a big fat kiss goes to the solver)