WD Access and Quick View failing

When I click Open on WD Access, nothing happens. This used to open a file access on the NAS as a share.

When I try to connect to the default name wdmycloudex2ultra, it also fails.

I tried QuickView and there is nothing on the menu. It’s like the OS isn’t finding the NAS at all at a file/share level.

Connecting using the IP address works and the web access works.

Has something on the NAS updated and turned this off or some Windows update?

Do you want to access the dashboard of My Cloud EX2 Ultra or want to map the network drive?

If WD Access is not working, you can check after the reinstall of updated version of WD Access from WD Support link.

Same Problem here. I have 4 Computers, all Windows 10 Pro and on 3 of them I can’t get WD Access or WD QuickView to run. On all 4 I’m able to get to the Dashboard and do the Adminstration of my MyCloud EXE2 Ultra, but so far WD Access works only on one. On the others either the installation of WD Access fails (installation process looks fine, but after finishing nothing is installed) or WD Access gets installed but does not work. I disabled all Firewalls, I make sure that I do see the My Cloud EX2 under “Networks Devices / Storage”, but WD Access does not open.

Solved the problem. WD Access and Quick View are still not working, but I found the guide how to connect to my NAS without that stupid tool, by mapping a Network drive to the folder on the NAS:

That did fix it for me. I swear I did try that but it worked this time.