WD 8TB Sharespace and Dune HD Smart D1 Setup

Hi, I need some help setting up my Dune D1 to access my movies located on my Western Digital 8tb Sharespace. I have tried to setup a network folder on the Dune to identify where my movies are located on the Dune player but, I am not having any luck. I have attempted both SMB connection and NFS connection with no luck. I have found the IP address to the WD Sharespace, but not sure what the folder name should be. Does anyone have a Dune paired up with a WD Sharespace, if so, would greatly appreciate some help.

DeanWD8TB, were you able to connect your Dune D1 with the WD ShareSpace?

Got it to work with SMB setting, but cannot get it to work with NFS settings. I have enabled NFS in the NAS, but cannot access the public folder like I can under SMB settings. I created another share and named it (DVD) and can connect to it with NFS, but all my files are in the public folder and it will take forever to transfer them over to the new mapped network drive (DVD). Any suggestions. Thanks

yeah it works fine under smb there is no nfs icon in the dune gui couldnt find a way to enable nfs the only nfs setting i found was related to utf 8