Wd 750m passport - retreiving files from back up - not there?

I had our server data backed up to a passport wd - the person doing it used the back up software that comes with the Passport.

i am now 2,000 miles away and just opened it

the file is there but i cannot open it - ?

the server - not sure what software it was running - i am on xp

i am told there is a ms backup software that will fix this problem 

anyone have suggestions on which software this may be.

now no access to the info on the initial server. 

any suggestions welcome


The drive comes with Smartware, you can retrieve the files by going in to the folders on the drive itself. There’s a folder call Smartware or Smartware_store. You can select your files from there. You can also install the application and retrieve the files to one folder on your computer.

Hope this helps.

tried - i have a smartware folder

but dont see any files available in it

drive reads as 260gigs full though

thanks for trying


Under that folder you’ll see a couple of folders with letters and numbers, this folder will have your backed up files.

Once you open the folder the structure should be as follows. C>Users>Documentsandsettings>allusers>(adminoradminname)>yourfolders. 

This might change depending on the way the original computer had the folder structure, but you’ll be able to find them in a similar path. 

Also you can use the search option on Vista/7 and search for the file name your looking for on the folders

I have a file named

shy server D Drive March 2010     size 270 giga     windows back up file

this is the one i am after to open

i actually wish to leave all files on the passport as a back up 

copy over files as required to my laptop

when i click on this if of course offers - backup or restore files

but then goes to a file dated in 2009 

looks like i am going to Geek Squad $

thanks in any case


Oh ok, you did not mention you had also backed up with Windows, in that case the windows backup can not be browsed, you’ll need to restore to be able to see. You can got to support.microsoft.com,  they have forums and info on how to restore Windows backup.