WD 500gb passport drive not recognised on win vista after pc crashed during file transfer

Hi all, As title says, my laptop crashed during file transfer to my ext drive, since then it won’t show up on my laptop running vista. When I plug the drive in via USB, the comp pings and the safely remove icon appears, the light on the drive lights up and sounds if it is spinning. It also shows my drive in device manager under disk drives, however if I click on properties it freezes my comp. I did manage once to get the drive to show up on windows as drive F, but it said drive was empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as the drive has 400 odd gig of files on it, which contains a lot of family photos, which I would be gutted if I lost. Thanks in advance Darren I have also tried the drive in my ps3 and home theatre system, neither of these recognise the drive now either

Does the drive show in Disk Management? While there scroll down where the bars are shown and what dies it say about drive? Something like Raw


In disk management it know calls it disk 1, where previously it was F drive, it says is “not initialized” on the left then “unallocated” on the right, if this makes sense?

I am having the same problem with a WD passport 500gb. Whenever I try to search it cannot find partitions.

I have tried the EASEUS and test disk but I do not know which options to select. Any help please - would be appreciated



You are looking to recover or repair partition. I haven’t used them but a lot of people have posted sucess with them. One other that might work is Partition Find and Mount http://findandmount.com/  Some the are complicated. I think there is a tutorial on TestDisk site. One other thing to is try a Linux Live CD like Knoppix  http://www.knoppix.net/ it runs from CD and doesn’t actually install. Sometimes that gives acces to data.


None of this seems to work. I have the format error message popping up all of the time.

The hard drive seems to keep connecting and disconnecting during scans. Looks like its going to have to be a format…

None of the above works for me, how can I reformat if I can’t see the drive?

I have the SAME issue, but mine is ecognized as Drive G (always has) and in Disk Manager is says “Healthy, etc” am I looking at the wrong thing? I’m scared to change the drive allocation letter, b/c I think it reformats everything, and I have over 300GB of stuff as well on thee.