WD 500gb passport connected but cant open?

I have a wd 500 gb passport 2yrs old  when I connect it to my machine or any other it registers as connected but I cannot open it in my computer or when i go into disk management it just sits there and looks for drives but never shows up? I hear it spining. I have tried 3 different cables and 4 different machines. How can i save this and get my data off of it?

Thanks in advance 


i am having the same issue. i am trying to use a WD My Passpost 500gb on my MacBook Pro and cannot see the device. any help would be greatly appreciated

so the drive never shows up in the disk management? in that case it might be damaged SA (service area), or heads begin to fail. Ways to extract data from Passport drives require additional step in the recovery process unlike traditional SATA interface hard drives. Proprietary USB connection needs to be ditched. Conversion to SATA so they can be imaged properly, and then decryption. If this is all new to you, I’d recommend looking for a specialist who knows what to do, and possibly RMA the drive after the recovery.