WD 500GB no USB 3.0 detection


My WD 500Gb external drive (wdbacy5000abk-01) isn`t recognised connected to the USB 3.0 port on my brand new desktop PC running Windows 8.1.

It works perfect on my laptop`s USB 3.0 port running windows 7.

The drive works using the USB 2.0 ports.

I already updated the firmware of the drive.

Is this another failure of windows 8.1, **bleep** OS, where everything is gone what we already used for 20yrs or more.

Or do I need to go back to windows 7,…better workable solution.

Any suggestions to get the drive working within W8.1 on a USB3.0 port.




This issue may or may not be related to Microsoft Windows 8.1, and I would recommend disabling any vendor-specific USB enhancer software installed as they may not allow for some drivers to work. I would also confirm if the system itself needs a dedicated USB 3.0 driver update.