WD 500GB Carvier Green suddenly switches off...!

My HDD WD5000AACS suddenly just goes dead and Windows freezes. I have to restart my PC but then BIOS too doesn’t detect the HDD. I remove and reattach power and SATA cable and HDD starts working fine as nothing ever went wrong. Hard Disk utilities show HDD health 100%. Tried changing the cables, no use…

Please help! What’s wrong with the hard disk?

If you’re unable to return the drive, try changing SATA port and/or updating the BIOS.

Look on motherboard manufacturer’s website for any known issues related to your motherboard.

If the drive is new, return the drive and get a different model. Green drives are equipped with power save features and this may be a fault in power save scheme.

I might buy a new drive soon but till then I have continue with it…

I changed the SATA port too and BIOS is up to date. There doesn’t seem any problem with motherboard either. Problem with power save feature seems like a reason. This problem has become more prompt in near past… Anything I can do to solve this? Like firmware upgrade or something bigger?

If the drive is not suffering from hardware fault, you can use CrystalDiskinfo  to keep your drive spinning all the time. This small utility allows you to modify APM (Advanced Power Management) settings and please be sure to provide adequate cooling for the drive. (Fan needed - Keep the temp under 48C)

Function> Advance Features > APM  to FEh

Green drives may not be designed to work 24/7.