WD 5000BEV slow


I’ve an WD 5000BEV External Media. From many days is become very slow. Disk utiliti need more than 48 hours for made a low level formatting.

Same resuls also with pc: estremly slow il read/write data.

The controller is ok (tech tool) but need too much time for copy only 2 GB (es more than 30 minutes).

The product is out of warranty.

Any solutaion?

What you suggest to do?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, you can try using another USB cable. You can also try testing the hard drive using DLG on Windows and Disk Utility on Mac. Check the link below for the steps. If the test fails, you should backup all of your files are replace the hard drive. 

How to test a drive for defects or problems on a Mac 

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

Thanks for your answers, Ichigo!

I’ll try a new cable if I find it (is a very particular usb geometry)…

The HD is out of warranty, unfortunately… :frowning:


I’ve change the cable (10 euro), very difficult to find it… there is the same problem! The cable wasn’t the problem!!

DLG on Windows and Disk Utility on Mac run for too much time! For example, Disk Utility on Mac need moore than 48 hours for a low level format and probably past some hous that time will be increase (grrr…). Same with DLG (run for log time with no results).

Other solutions/ ideas?


Hi! I’ve buy a new seagate external HD. I hope to haven’t similar problem… now it works fine…