WD 5000AAKS with data on it needs to be formatted how can I save my data?

i have a wd 5000AAks hard drive that I use for backup and data storage. I use it with a Blacx docking station connected by USB. Now none of my computers recognize the docking station and I get the message disk must be formatted. I don’t want to lose my data, what can I do?

Remove your drive from docking station. Inspect the PCB of your drive, is it oxidized or not. If contact plates are black (not silver or tinned), remove the PCB with TORX 9, clear contact plates with eraser and assemble it back. Then, try to connect your drive directly to computer, without docking station.

MY contacts are not oxidized. I will install it directly to the computer and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.

I will have to get a ide to sata converter.