WD 500 GB Caviar External won't mount

I was using the external drive one day then the next day it wouldn’t mount. I tried it again a few days later and it mouinted and that lasted for a week or so. Then it just stopped mounting.

I have not upgraded anything in a while. Running OS 10.6.8. 

It plugs into USB port, leds flash and flash and then just stop. Then flash a little more then stop. Couple more flashes then stop. One or two random flashes more. This goes on for several minutes. Then nothing.

Nothing shows up on the desktop nor is it recognized in the Disk Utility.

I have a Mac miini so I can’t just swap out drive to test it.

Drive ID wd5000aacs-00zub0


Can you post the model number of your drive? I’m confused and don’t know if you are referring to an internal drive or external drive.

It is external. Model # is the drive ID listed above.

Says so on my drive body.