Just to report I successfully installed WD 4Tb SSD drives on a DX4000. As usual I modified the whitelist.xml files on the Windows DVD install files including the product name of the hard disks (WDS400T2B0A-00SM50). Everything was quite straightforward… at least with respect to the not so user friendly install procedure.

I am pretty sure you love these things more than I do now :slight_smile:
Either that or you have more time and money LOL
Thanks as always for all you do.

We use these drives for intensive processing applications (finite element analysis) and I could not resist to make a test on the DX4000. Actual time to follow the install was maybe 15 minutes, it is the idle time who takes hours :wink: I was actually expecting somewhat better responsiveness with respect to the DX4000 with standard non-SSD drives. But at least it is definitely less noisy :slight_smile: