WD 4TB Sharespace - installing a new HD, which file system?

Hi There,

One of the four HDs died few days ago, and so I tried installing another 1 TB HD (brand new), but  although the STORAGE tab of the web console displayed “status” was “good”, the “size” was “undefined” (it should have displayed 931.51 GB).  I suspet this has to do with a particular linux or proprietary file system that a new disk needs to be formatted into before the WD can use it ?  Is there a tool (runs on windows) that can format the disk for the WD to see it ?   I could send the unit back to the dealer for replacement, but it had sensitive business data on it, and I would prefer not to do that (unless there is an easy was to perform a low level format on all the disks first).

Any guidance would be appreciated ?


First of all, if the drive was part of a RAID 5 array, or a RAID 0+1, etc, you won’t really have intelligible data on it, anyway. 

Nevertheless, when drives come in for RMA, they are shoved into a machine that both tests the drive, and completely wipes it clean.  No one gets a chance to examine any drive, as such, because those technicians don’t have computers available to do so. 

If you are still unsure, then you can contact Support for exceptions allowed in returning drives.


I am located in Europe (Greece) and am supposed to return the unit to a reseller who told me they would inspect the unit to see if they should replace it or send it to WD for service.