WD 4tb New Vibration

Just bought the 4tb WD Passport harddrive & After plugging it in and setting up password I’ve noticed that it’s vibrating and I can feel it vibrating all the way to the other side of the USB port is this normal? My 1tb & 2tb never did this kind of vibrating. Should I return it and get a new one? or is this fine?


Just tested the transfer speed about 2gb worth of a folder and it’s slow it was transferring at 10-15mb/s but if I transfer/copy from the WD passport to my computer its normal 35-40mb/s note that I’m not using a USB3.0 Cuz I have it plugged in on my keyboard USB and this is the normal speed I get when I’m transferring files from my passport to my computer with my 2tb passport. Now however If I transfer 1 big file like a movie that’s like 1gb It transfers pretty fast but if its a folder with multiple files that’s about 2gb the transfer is slow? anyways the transfers seems fine now I think but the vibration is my issue why is it so strong? to the point I can feel it vibrating on the other end of the wire/usb

Anyone know if its a bad drive?

Hi @dream12,

If your hard drive is making the sounds then you need to identify which type of sound your hard drive is making. I suggest you to please read hard drive making noises

Also if your hard drive is in warranty then you can replace your hard drive.

I didn’t mention any sounds b/c there was no sound. There was no clicking or anything like that I know that my hd is bad if its starts doing that. What i was talking about was the vibration of the passport harddrive like i’ve mention already the vibration is strong and I can feel it vibrating all the way at the end of the USB and USB port I want to know if this is normal or not? I have 2 other WD Passport and they don’t vibrate like crazy like this one.


If you are able to read and write the data then don’t worry, it’s normal !!