WD 4TB Externen Harddrive Elements


i have a problem with one of my 4TB externen USB 3 Hard Disk. If i connect it to a Mac (different models), it have big problems to activate the hard disk. I have to try it around 5-10 times electric on/off, usb cable on/off. Is it better to replace it ? thanks

Hello JaromirJagr,

Most of the WD External drives come preformatted in NTFS file system so they would require reformatting in order to work on Mac computer.

Hy, thats not the problem. All other harddisk works, only one have problem with the connection to the computer.

Hello Jaromir Jagr,
Iam not familiar with this problem but as you mentioned it could be the best way to save your data on another hdd. Then You can try to extend the hdd and use an third party connector for your hdd to show if it is the controller which makes the problem or the hdd. Then You know what you should do after this testing in my opinion.