WD 4TB External Hard Drive Writing error

Hi, a few days ago, I bought a 4tb hard drive form you guys, “My Passport,” and it is good! The only issue is with when I do a lot of torrenting and it doesn’t let me download directly to the drive itself, only my C drive. This also occurs with extracting zip files and rar files to the drive, it says you don’t have permission to do so. It is buggin me because my C drive is only 118 gigabytes and I couldn’t find out anything else. Please help me!



Hi Ben:

I had a similar problem with a SSD C: drive and only 218GB. So most of my files were on a separate 1TB internal drive with 3 partitions. I got a WD 1TB external Passport and partitioned that into 4 drives. WD Backup recognizes each partition separately; both the internal and external. You can make separate schedules for each partition, including on for the C: drive!

Give it a try.


Hey Cliff, that seems interesting, how would I do that?


or if you’re using Windows … running as Administrator will give you write permissions to the WD 4TB External hard drive.

i’m running Windows 7 64 Bit with several WD USB 4TB and 3TB Hard drives (single partition) attached (via a 10 port usb3.0 hub) no write permission issues whatsoever :neutral_face:

Yeah, I have admin permissions, I have it shared with everyone, and everyone has full control in the security settings.

Please help me, I cannot download files larger than 10 gb!

It might be because of less space in your drive. You can extend the drive partition to store the files larger than 10GB

How do I do that?


To extend the partition follow below steps

Just go to disk management and do right click on the partition you want to extend and click on “Extend Volume” option.

It only says “shrink volume.” Do you know on an sd card the white slider thing on the side that enables write protection? could this be the same except on the hard drive?