Wd 4tb drives not supported by hp workstations

Found out that my hp Z800 workstation as well as the new Z820 workstations do not support larger than 3tb internal 7200rpm hard drives.  i now have to go return my two 4tb drives i bought and was extremely excited about and replace with 3tb.  fyi.  there is no loophole that i am aware of.  


Thank you for sharing this information. Hope it helps any other user with hp Z800 and Z820.

got the same problem with wd green 4tb, you can easly resolve !!

if you wan’t to stick to HP parts you could add a LSI 9212-4i or any other LSI that fit your Model

or any third party sata/sas 6gb pci controler and your good to go !  like
Pcie Sata III (SFF-8087)

Never trust whitepaper ! it’s not because Hp said it was not compatible, that is really is,

so here your work around just finish install a z800 with 4 x 4TB 1 x 2TB and a 256 SSD everything work perfectly

almost forgot ! init them as a GPT else you will never manage to get your full partition