WD 4TB drive sleeping and not waking up

I have 4 hard drives. One is a SSD. Two are Western Digital 1 TB (both WD1002FAEX) internals. And the last, and newest (within the last year) is a Western Digital 4 TB internal (WD4003FZEX).

While I was running Windows 7, I never changed the power settings for them. They’d all go to sleep and wake back up normally.

I’ve been running Windows 10 for a few months now and the 4 TB drive shows up and works fine when i boot up. Since its mainly storing my Steam and iTunes / Media folders, its not always active. When it goes to sleep though, it never wakes up. It’ll even unmount. Windows 10 becomes convinced it doesn’t exist. The other two 1 TB drives continue to sleep and wake normally. I have to reboot to get the 4 TB going again.

When it’s powered it works fine. Reads/Writes, data integrity tests check out. Its not throwing out any SMART errors and the WD Diagnotics utility couldn’t find any problems.

Any ideas what’s going on? Does it sound like a bad drive? Something with Windows 10? Thanks in advance!


It could be some setting related to Windows 10 that is turning the drive off. Check within the power option to verify if you can notice something.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything in Power Settings to explain this behavior. I’m unable to find any Drive-specific power settings that would explain why this hard drive is being treated differently than the other two.