WD 4TB Drive only recognized as 1.6TB

I’m having trouble recognizing the full 4TB of my Western Digital drive. It had been fully recognized and working but I repartitioned and formatted in order to address chkdsk errors. Now it only shows 1.667 TB where it formerly recognized closer to the 4TB. The Intel RST tool recognizes the internal disk at 3726GB, but disk manager or PARTISK tools cannot seem to get it to be recognized. I did try using GPT partition type after removing all previous partitions. It was set up and working before I cleared these partitions.

I can’t get my system back up and restored without fully recognizing this 4TB drive!
Thanks for any help in advance.

Are you sure you re-partitioned it to GPT ? because it still sounds like it’s MBR partitioned :confused:

Quote from a user at Toms Hardware …

As you probably know by now a 4 TB disk that has been MBR partitioned will create only a 2 TB (actual 1.63 TB) partition. The remaining disk-space will be unallocated and for all practical purposes remain unusable as long as the disk is MBR partitioned.