Wd 3tb my book live can't be recoginezed

ok, i am not not smart on all this. My book live just stopped working. we have taken the drive out of case and put in a usb case. It did show up as a drive letter but cannot access. Changed out the circuit board from another drive. still not luck. Having no luck in detecting the drive. I read something somewhere at WD using encryption on partitions so windows with not read or be able to recover the partition. i have about 650 gb of data on the drive. Do not think it is all that important as i still have most of the drive on the local pc as far as pictures go and my tax records. i have since backup to an online service, but would like to look at the bad drive. anyone have any tips on how to get it to show up.

Thank you inn advance

You have to Decrypt the hard drive first.

Apparently it can be done, decrypting the hard drive and viewing the contents … but, you’ll have to use Linux. (can’t be done in Windows)