WD 3TB Green, 5 defect in 4 years?

Hail all:
In the past 4 years, I lost no less than 5! 3TB Green HDD’s.
2 of them in guarantee time, the three others not.
Knowing that they costed quite a bit, I am FAR from happy.
Today, 6 hours ago, I lost the 5th, without any warning, the bloody thing simply stopped.
I am disabled, married, 5 kids, so, my income is on the very short side, mostly due to medication I need to take.

I have this old Maxtor drive, 40MB, from 1987, and THAT thing still runs, while these modern drives just fail on every bloody move.
The fact i lost the HDD is not so my most frustrating part, the data on it though, being it a library of over 50K songs, is.
And a heap on movies that were bloody hard to find.

I’m not sure on how to proceed from here on, but i CAN tell you: I am NOT a happy man…

Any advice is welcome.

Thank you.
Ben Floris Robberecht.


We have passed this along to support. Someone will contact you soon.

Thank you very much, Sir/Ma’am.
I truly appreciate this.