WD 3TB Drive and WD Discovery App not working

I have a 3 TB My Cloud Home. Hooked up to my router. Has a Windows PC running windows 7 and I was able to access though a browser and the WD Discovery program. I was also able to mount it as a drive so I could just copy items over without accessing the browswer interface.

I just replaced that windows compter with a iMac. It’s a mid 2011 3.1 ghz mac with an intel core i5. 16 MB Ram 1333 mhz ddr3, running Mac HiSierra v 10.13.6 (can’t be upgraded any higher).

I can access the drive through by browser just fine and can upload and access that way without a problem.

However when I install the WD Discovery app and attempt to login I am told that I need to go to system preferences and allow access. I’ve done this. restared the computer and nothing changes.

I’ve followed directions online to add the drive to finder… The My Cloud shows up in the left hand favorites pane and when i click on it I see Time Machoinbe. However when I try to connect to the drive it askes for a user name and password and nothing works.
Not sure what the issue is but the item is worthless to be if I can’t mount it as a drive.