WD 3TB Book ejected improperly now won't back up

My 3TB WD backup was unplugged without ejecting the drive and now when I plug it back in it says it was ejected improperly and needs to do repairs. But, even after leaving it on for 48 hours, without interuption, it does not complete. The spinning rainbow wheel is still spinning when I move the curser into the tool bar and I can’t use my keyboard at all. I can use my mouse and click on different files, but cannot use my keyboard. Is there any way to just reset the Book without losing all the data? It works fine on another mac, but not on the MacBook Pro that it was improperty ejected from. Thanks for any suggestions. 

You can try to repair on the Mac that the drive is working…

If that does not work, recover all the files on the other Mac and reformat the unit

after that you can continue to use it