WD 300 gb raptor very loud out of the box!

I just built a new computer for my Father in Law and the raptor just sounds like metal scraping. I’ve also had numerous BSD which at first I thought was from a video driver failing to install? Now I’m leaning more towards a faulty brand new HD. I have 2 raptors in my personal computer in raid0 that are 2 1/2 years old and don’t make a 5th the sound this one does. Metal on metal is the only way to discribe it. However I wonder if it is a bad HD, would it even work at all? Is there a good way to open the dmp file beside that heavily stuffed with adware “fileviewer” ? Thanks for any ideas or help in advance.


Hello Dan,

try testing the unit with the DLG tool, that will let you know if the drive is faulty and you can take that back to the place of purchase. 

Another thing that you can check if the sound that the drive is doing is normal…

Check the KB article from the WD website.