WD 2TB Passport - Occasional "click" sound

I have 2 Western Digital My Passports 2TB USB 3.0 and they both occasionally make a “click” sound (not continuous clicking, just 1 click).

Drive #1 clicks about 2 time per day, and Drive #2 clicks about 5 times per day (very rough estimate). The clicks don’t happen one after another (usually spread out), and they seem to be completely random (unrelated to reading / writing / head parking etc…). Drive #1 did not make this click sound until 3 weeks after I bought it, Drive #2 always has. I don’t know if this matters, but it is almost impossible for me to feel the vibration of Drive #2, but the vibration in Drive #1 is quite noticable. 

I have run short CHKDSKs on both drives, long CHKDSK on drive #1, and CrystalDiskInfo on both (all looks clean).

Does anyone else’s My Passport make an occasional click sound? Should I be worried?

One of the reason might be the drive is not getting enough power to spin up. Try using a power booster cable, contact wd regarding the specs.

I don’t think that’s the problem because the click has happened in the middle of reading and writing (while the drive is already spinning). 

My read / write speeds also match the benchmarks on review sites so I think that they’re getting enough power. 

I am also experiencing this…  I am a bit paranoid about this… because it sounds like its going to crash… But writing and reading on the drive seems to be perfect… Bought this around 6months ago… I occasionally hear it clicks about 5-10 times a day… randomly…  I have so many files so worried… I have the urge to buy an SSD… LOL

I’ve had the same problem, but unsure if I should RMA or not. Here’s my experience: Bought my drive less than a month ago.  Hooked it up to my computer and filled it about half way (did not reformat). Seemed to work perfectly fine. It remained in my PC for 3 days with little use. Then I removed it from my PC and hooked it up to my TV. Loaded a file in the TV media player and paused it for about 5mins.  It was at that time I noticed a clicking sound. So I did a few experimental tests and learned that the clicking accured when the tv was turned on or off (and thus the drive), and randomly, but infrequent, when a file was being accessed. But, like the original poster, I had access to a second drive (brother) that is nearly a year and it produced the same results. So I’m not sure if the TV is causing it, if both drives are dying, or if the clicking is normal. Will test with my laptop soon (PC is too loud to hear anything else while it’s on).

*** Found page that says clicking is normal when turning on, shutting off, and occasinall while accessing a file.  Only when its frequent is there a problem. http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/568/related/1/session/L2F2LzIvdGltZS8xMzYzNzQzNzE0L3NpZC9yZThja0JsbA%3D%3D

It seems to be able internal drives, but explanation fits with what I witnessed with 2 different Passport drives.

I have 3 WD Passports, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB. Only 2TB makes this annoying metal sounding click few times a day. 

It is connected directly to motherboard’s USB. 

I am worried, because I have noticed similar clicks on dying internal hard drives. Usually they’ve died within a month after such clicking occured. 

It would be useful if some people reported no clicks at all. 

I will try to connect it to externally powered USB hub, that should provide enough power, if by any chance “powerdowns” are the reason for the clicks.

I have a brand new WD My Passport. About 20 days old. This one make a click sound occassionally when i access folders or files. I need not necessarily run the files. Just accessing folders causes a clicking sound many a times.

I have no performance issues. The transfer speeds are okay. I’m allowed to access all data without a problem.

But i’m just worried abt the occasional click sounds that i hear. Is my drive heading for death in the near future?

Please help urgently. I have important data on it.


Las week i bought this unit and have this clicking noise:


This is a faulty drive ?

Anyone can help me ? (Sorry by my bad English)