WD 2TB - no files no partition

Suddenly error message ‘no writeable WD partition found’


No files?

Where have all my backups gone?!

any ideas?

check your disk manager to see if the drive gets detected for its size (2TB in your case).

it was working fine. The disk manager recognises the drive J: and shows 1.58tb free space. Newish PC with windows 7. The WD software is asking me to set up the drive??

It is like the software thinks it’s a new drive with nothing on it. 

file system could be corrupt. anything happened to the drive prior to failure?

try another computer or another USB port first.

Thanks for your reply. tried another usb port - no different. plugged into a laptop. recognised drive and asked for unlock password - but i didn’t load software.

 nothing happened to the drive before failure - it goes from the filing cabinet to the desk and back again.

I had this happen to an internal drive several years ago, it sounds like your partition information may have been corrupted, I always remove my external drives from in windows using the safely remove hardware icon in the taskbar so I don’t risk this happening.

I used Stellar Phoenix recovery software to recover the data, it takes a long time to scan the drive but I was able to recover my entire mp3 collection that was lost,  I don’t know if this software works on external drives but if not there must be a program that does.