WD 2TB My Book Essential External HD Light flashing - does not connect

Hey everybody. I got a WD 2TB My Book Essential External HD from Best Buy 2 nights ago. Tonight, it has started flashin the front light and not connecting. I have only a few GBs of stuff on there, which I also have on another working drive, so I’m not too worried about if I cannot get my stuff off of it. But what could be wrong? I’m using Windows Vista on a Toshiba laptop that doesn’t have any issues, and I’m mediocre-ly savvy with computers. I just got it 3 days ago, so will I be able to go to best buy and get it replaced? What can I do? My best buy is closed, I tried calling. But until I can call tomorrow morning, can anyone here help ease my sorrows and let me know what I can do? Thanks!

Trey M



Please read the post here. I wrote that to resolve most of the external drive related issues.


I’m having the same issue but on a macbook pro. Any ideas?