WD 2TB for MAC no longer receives power


My 2TB external hard drive for MAC, bought about 2 years ago, has been in storage for a year.  I have 2 actually.  When I pulled them both out, one works, and the other one doesn’t.  The one that won’t work, seems like it’s not even recognizing the power source.  I know that both the adaptors and USB cables work, because I used both on the 2TB hard drive that is working, and neither had a problem.  The 2TB that isn’t working, will not recognize the power source, I believe.  It will not blink on, or even turn on when I hit the power button.  It does not spin or get recognized by my computer.  I am afraid I have lost all my data.  Please advise on what to do–i.e. would data recovery be an option, or has it just failed completely?

Thank You.

Data recovery is an option. You would need somebody with the knowledge to test the electronics. It may be something simple like a bad circuit board.