WD 2T Black WD2002FAEX Noise

I bought just a week ago the disk on the title. And i would like to ask aquestion for this disks. Every time i make a copy/paste i hear some noise from the disk (i am not talking about the spinning but for a "tik tik "). I hear it evrey 10-20 secs. I used data life guard for WD and no errors came up. When i started the fast mode of "data life guard, i heard the noise for almost 10 sec and the it stops and i could hear only the spinning.

I returned it to the shop and they told me that they checked it and no errors where shown up.

Is this noise( not the spinning but the "tik tik " ) normal ?

ps: it does not do it all the time (like an old bad disk that i have). When it is not reading or writing it does never do it.

And sorry for my english.

Hi. I have a usb portable disk drive , and when i plug into side usb of case , i hear tik tik…i think sometimes voltage drop may cause this. did you tried on another computer or with another power supplier or at least another power cable?

I thought about that and i tried it but the same noise sound

Anyone that have this disk to tell me if this noise is normall?


Follow the link below to confirm if the sound is normal

How to tell if the noise or sound the drive is making is normal

This should help you.