WD 2Go

since I started having problems with remote access ( which was working fine before last firmware update/ covered under a different thread here). I have now recently found out that my device is registered on my account but at the WD2Go the device no longer shows up in the list of devices…

Any thoughts ?

Hello, try to send another invitation to you user and check if after this the device shows up, once you send the invitation you will just have to go the the website and check if the device appears there. You can also try to disable remote access on the dashboard and then reboot the unit and re enable remote access once rebooted to see if this helps you out.

I have been working on getting my remote access working … I am now back to DHCP and Auto on the my cloud and no port forwarding …only at a relay connection but the my cloud now has appeared agan and I am able to connection over LAN and remotely though a litte slow via relay.

I still have these old pieces showing up on my dash board which I can’t remove  …  7 on one user and 3 on another.


When I try to delete I get this …


Any thoughts on this part of it all.

On this case i recommend resetting the unit or doing a system only restore.

Here are some links that might help with the reset and restore procedures:





Anyhow I willl try both of these links out but I have complete the System restore 4 or 5 times now.  Will review these links in details and report back…thanks for your help…