Wd 2go

I can stream music from my 3 tb MBL to wd 2go on my droid x when I am on my home wifi but not when I am on my work wifi or verizon 3g. I am able to stream music from the “demo drive” in wd 2go on my droid x on verizon 3g. thanks in advance for your help.

what happens when you try to connect to your mbl through wd2go on your android phone?  does it give you any errors?

No errors. I see the mbl.

Originally I put a folder with songs in the shared music folder. i had the problem i originally noted ( ie would not play through company wifi or verizon 3g). I later tried putting just a song in the shared music folder, but not in a folder. It played through both my company wifi and verizon 3g.

Can you help with an understanding of the problem and a solution?

Thanks in advance for your help.