WD 2go with Live Duo

Hey - can anyone help with these two questions

  1. When trying to connect to the drive remotely via WD2go, I get the message “Network Connection Failure (1000)”. I know that my Tablet (Asus Transformer) is coneected to the internet (I can access the internet via browser and other apps). What are the possible reasons for this error? And what are the fixes?

  2. I’m considering purchasing the Pro app for android but there are lots of complaints online that the app needs access to your phone in ways that don’t seem reasonable. (Access to your phone number, who you are speaking to, etc) Can anyone from WD explain the justfication for this, it’s something I’d be really upset / concerned about.

  1.  Is this when you’re on the same Home network as the MBL, or when you’re outside your home on someone else’s WiFi network?

  2.  I know nothing about Android, so I can’t help with this question.

Thanks for the quick reply

At the moment, it’s both!

I’ve tried reinstalling the app, deleting the mbl and using a new activation code, using a new user profile (both public and another)